Robert supported our daughter's family situation by being a great listener and with a phenomenal presence in court. We attended several meetings with our daughter and Robert and ultimately testified on her behalf. Robert did a great job preparing us for our time in court encouraging us to be honest and be ourselves. He also helped us understand what the opposing lawyer was liking to challenge us in court. Robert listened SO well to all of our comments and concerns. He assimilated all of our input into a very concise and powerful presentation in court. He also exhibited a strong ability to react to the dynamics of a court proceeding with quick thinking as needed. He also exhibited great confidence and respect of everyone in the courtroom (including the opposing party) which helped influence the final result. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Robert to support and represent your family's best interests in a court of law.
--Tom D.


I received news about my child that truly broke my heart and required immediate action. At 7:00 o'clock in the evening, Robert answered and accepted to help me without hesitation. The following day he was able to obtain a custody order, removing my child from her terrible situation and safely in my home. However, Robert went above and beyond the normal proceedings of a Family Lawyer. Within 24 hours he had not only found a counselor for my child but was able to convince them into making us an appointment. Within 48 hours and hearing the worst, I was able to begin moving my child's life back in the direction she deserved. The best!

It's been 4 months since that nightmare began and because of Robert's diligence, hard work and attention to detail regarding his client and their family, my case has been settled and my child's future is secure. I'll never have enough words to express my gratitude for what he did for me. I consider Robert to be a true gentleman and friend
--Rodney L.


I was a waitress and met Robert at a restaurant. When he handed me his card I noticed it said law practice on it. I immediately broke into tears when he told me he practiced family law. I had been bullied for two years by the opposing party and had just about lost all hope for my custody case. I had retained several attorneys who took all my money and did NOTHING and I was broke and desperate. Robert smiled at me and gave me his card and told me to call him on Monday. I did. He worked with me and explained everything like a friend, gave advice like father , and fought for my case like a champion! With in a few short months my nightmare was over and I am forever grateful to Robert for putting that rein of terror to and end. Thank you!
--Heather J.