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Paternity of a child is important. Typically, children do better in life when both parents are involved and help in their development. For a father, a paternity order from a court in Texas is necessary for him to obtain visitation rights with the child. For a mother, it is necessary in order to obtain child support from the father.

Our attorney at The Law Office of Robert H. Tenorio can help you obtain this order and with other related matters involving paternity, including a name change. Having paternity formalized as soon as possible after the birth of a child is important, as it ensures both parents have reasonable access to the child, the child receives the benefit of full parental involvement and the child receives the full child support they are owed.

Child Support Obligations Begin At Birth

This is an important fact. Texas law presumes that both parents owe their child an obligation of support. This begins at birth, and even if the father is not married to the mother or present in the child's life, the obligation begins to accrue immediately. If you don't act, you could receive a court order to pay a large amount of (possibly, four years or more) retroactive child support, which could be financially devastating, and you still won't have had access to your child.

As a father, you want a paternity order completed as quickly as possible, as your child support obligation is already growing, even if you have no access to the child. With a parentage order showing your paternity, you can then obtain visitation rights to your child in a standard possession order (SPO), which will specify the times you have rights with your child.

Mothers should work with their child's father to obtain a paternity order, as that will ensure they have a clear right to child support from the father.

Don't Forget The Adoption Registry

For fathers without a paternity order, you should file a "notice of intent to claim paternity" within 31 days of your child's birth. This allows you to receive notice should the mother decide to place the child up for adoption. Without this filing, your child could be adopted, and you would have no legal right to even know that it happened.

It is important to remember that this only provides notice, and it is not a substitute for a paternity order. You still must obtain a formal paternity order from a court to have a right to visitation for your child, but this filing can help prevent you not being aware of an adoption if you have lost contact with the child's mother. Our attorney can help with this filing.

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Issues of paternity can be complex. You may need a DNA test to prove or disprove paternity in cases where you are alleged to be the father, but are not. Possessory orders (SPO) and child support obligations can be confusing, and our lawyer can help. Our attorney has more than 23 years of experience with these issues and is a board-certified attorney in family law. We can explain the law and how it affects your specific situation.

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