Do You Need Modifications With Your Custody Order?

Life never stands still. Anyone raising children knows that the only constant is change. After a divorce, a custody agreement (managing conservatorship in Texas) is created at one moment in time and should be workable for your children at that time.

But as they age and their needs change, so too may it be necessary that your custody order will need modifications. Our attorney at The Law Office of Robert H. Tenorio can help. We have more than two decades of experience with custody and visitation issues, our attorney is board-certified in family law and has specialized training and experience with this custody matters.

Modification Of Custody

As a child ages, their time demands will change. A toddler has very different needs than a teenager involved in after-school sports, activities or work. Parents also experience change. They may remarry or take jobs that carry different responsibilities.

A promotion may demand additional travel, which may force a permanent change on the time their child spends with them. Our attorney can help you work through these changes in a fashion that will work with your new changed circumstances and for your child.

What If You Need To Move?

Relocations are difficult. If your job demands that you relocate, you should not expect that your child will move with you, especially if it would impair the 'frequent and continuing contact' for the other parent.

Only if you can demonstrate to a court that the move would be in the child's best interest is it likely to permit such a relocation. This is a very high standard and you should recognize that few situations are likely to meet this requirement and be approved by the court.

Our attorney can discuss your situation and explain when a court may allow a relocation with a child. In most cases, we will help you develop modifications to your custody order to ensure that you still have reasonable access to your child when your relocation is necessary.

What About Child Support?

Child support orders are another area where parents will request modifications. In Texas, there are strict requirements to request a child support modification. It has to have been three years since the previous support order was issued, and the child support guidelines need to indicate that there should be at least a 20 percent change in the amount of support.

Additionally, if your current support obligation was different from what the guidelines suggest, then the standard that may apply to your case is showing a "material and substantial change in circumstances." Proving this change can be complex, and our attorney can help you determine if your situation meets this standard.

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Modifications are complex and need to be done properly to protect you and your children. Our lawyer has more than 23 years' board-certified experience, and can help with the changes you need for your child support or custody-related issue. Call our Grapevine office at 817-381-2428 for a free initial consultation. Se habla español.