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Divorce is a twofold problem. There is the divorce, which is the legal separation of a married couple into two separate legal entities. And there are the emotional issues of anger, frustration, betrayal, fear and generally being overwhelmed with the changes that may occur for your future.

Our attorney at The Law Office of Robert H. Tenorio understands how stressful all of this can be. We have worked with hundreds of families during the last two decades, and we know the intensity of the experience. We provide the compassionate guidance that you need, explaining the law and court procedures, helping you understand the actions you need to take to reach your goals for your case.

Property Division

A very important part of any divorce is the property division. This process divides up all of the marital property of a couple. Two things about property division in Texas that you need to understand is that Texas is a community property state and that property division is decided by a judge in a 'just and right manner.'

What that means is your marital property may not be divided on a 50-50 basis. A judge is essentially trying to do what is fair, which means if one spouse has high income and the other spouse has taken care of the children at home, the stay-at-home spouse may receive a greater share of marital property to offset their lack of earning capacity.

Community Property

Texas is also a community property state, which means that property acquired during the marriage is subject to a division by the court. There are exceptions for "separate property," and it can be confusing exactly how these determinations are made. Our lawyer is adept at working through these aspects of property division, and we will carefully explain how the law will apply to your case.

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